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7 Secret Menu Items You Need to Try at 7 Brew Secret Menu

As a frequent visitor to 7 Brew, you know their menu offers an array of delicious coffee drinks and baked goods. But you may not know that 7 Brew actually has a “7 brew secret menu” with even more tantalizing options. In this article, you’ll discover the top 7 secret menu items that you absolutely need to try on your next visit to 7 Brew. These hidden gems range from secret coffee and tea drinks to exclusive pastries. Read on to explore some amazing off-menu items and learn how to order them like a pro so you can fully indulge in everything this beloved cafe has to offer. With the inside scoop provided here, your next trip to 7 Brew will be your most satisfying one yet.

7 Secret Menu

7 Brew’s Secret Menu

Premium Roasts

Beyond the standard coffee offerings, 7 Brew menu features a secret menu of premium roasts sourced from independent farms around the world. These specialty coffees are carefully handpicked and roasted in small batches to produce notes of chocolate, nuts or spices. Two of the most coveted premium roasts are the Guatemalan Huehuetenango and the Costa Rican La Candelilla.

Off-Menu Flavored Lattes

For those with an adventurous palate, 7 Brew secretly offers flavored lattes made with homemade syrups and sauces. The toasted pecan latte and Mexican chocolate mocha, redolent of cinnamon and chili peppers, frequently sell out due to their popularity. Another hidden gem is the butterscotch latte, a rich and buttery treat perfect for a chilly morning.


7 Secret Menu


The “7” Shot

Hardcore coffee lovers can request the “7” shot, a turbo-charged espresso concoction made of 7 shots of premium espresso roast pulled through an aeropress. This highly-caffeinated drink provides an intense coffee experience not meant for the faint of heart. Due to the potency, only one “7” shot is allowed per customer per visit.

With a bit of exploration, the secret offerings at 7 Brew can provide an elevated coffee experience for any discerning drinker. However, mum’s the word—you didn’t hear about any of this from me!

The Top 7 Secret Drinks You Have to Try

The Golden Sunrise

Made with pineapple juice, coconut rum, and grenadine, the Golden Sunrise is a tropical take on a tequila sunrise. Refreshing and not too sweet, this cocktail is perfect for a summer brunch.

The 7 Brew Old-Fashioned

For those who prefer a stiffer drink, the 7 Brew Old-Fashioned is a classic cocktail with a twist. Using house-infused bourbon, bitters, sugar, and an orange peel, this version has notes of coffee and chocolate in addition to the typical old-fashioned flavor profile.

The Bee’s Knees

A gin-based prohibition era cocktail, the Bee’s Knees is a sweet and sour drink made from gin, lemon juice, and honey. Light and citrusy, this cocktail is ideal for gin lovers looking for a tart and tangy drink.

The Maple Bacon Manhattan

For those who like a little smoke with their cocktails, the Maple Bacon Manhattan is a must-try. Made with bacon-infused bourbon, sweet vermouth, maple syrup, and bitters, this Manhattan riff has a subtle bacon flavor in addition to classic Manhattan notes.

The Cucumber Gimlet

Cool as a cucumber, the Cucumber Gimlet is a refreshing gin-based cocktail. Made with gin, lime juice, simple syrup, and muddled cucumber, this drink is fresh, crisp, and perfect for a summer afternoon.

The Hibiscus Margarita

For those looking to spice up a classic margarita, the Hibiscus Margarita is a great choice. Featuring hibiscus-infused tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, and hibiscus syrup, this cocktail has floral notes and a tart, tangy flavor.

The Lavender Greyhound

An herbaceous take on the classic greyhound cocktail, the Lavender Greyhound is made with gin, grapefruit juice, lavender bitters and a sugar rim. Floral, citrusy, and slightly bitter, this cocktail is ideal for those looking for an unconventional gin drink.

Secret Menu Hacks to Customize Your Drink

To maximize your experience at 7 Brew, take advantage of these insider tips to customize your beverage.

Add Extra Espresso Shots

For an extra boost of energy, ask your barista to add additional espresso shots to any coffee or espresso drink. Each shot of espresso contains approximately 75 milligrams of caffeine, so adding a few extra shots can provide the pick-me-up you need to power through your day. However, consume caffeine in moderation as too much can lead to insomnia, restlessness, and an accelerated heartbeat.

Make it a Blended Drink

If you prefer a frosty, blended beverage, request to have any hot coffee drink blended with ice. Your barista will combine the ingredients of your chosen beverage with ice and blend until smooth and creamy. Popular choices for blending include mochas, lattes, and americanos. For an especially decadent treat, ask to have your blended drink topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.

Add Flavoring Syrups

To customize the flavor of your beverage, ask your barista to add one of 7 Brew’s gourmet syrups. Options include caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, cinnamon, raspberry, and coconut. Start with 1-2 pumps of your chosen syrup, then add more to taste if desired. The syrups pair well in coffee drinks, blended beverages, and italian sodas. However, keep in mind that the syrups do add extra sugar and calories, so consume in moderation.

With these secret menu hacks, you can craft an endless array of custom coffee creations to suit your tastes. Experiment with different combinations of espresso shots, blended options, and flavored syrups to find your new favorite indulgence at 7 Brew. The possibilities are as expansive as your imagination.

How to Order From the Secret Menu at 7 Brew

To access 7 Brew’s secret menu, you must first become familiar with the lingo used by frequent customers and staff. Once you understand the code names and phrases, you can confidently order from the secret menu.

Know the Lingo

7 Brew uses special names to refer to customized drinks and food items not listed on the regular menu. For example, an “Animal Style” burger refers to a burger topped with grilled onions and spread made from mayonnaise, ketchup, sweet pickle relish, and mustard. “Protein style” indicates a burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. Other code phrases include “Easy on the carbs,” meaning hold the bun, and “Make it a double-double,” referring to a burger with two patties and two slices of cheese.

Speak in Code

When placing your order, use the special lingo and code phrases to request items from the secret menu. For example, say “I’ll have an Animal Style burger protein style, easy on the carbs, make it a double-double.” The staff will understand you want a lettuce-wrapped burger with two patties, two slices of cheese, grilled onions, and the special spread. If you ask for a “Flying Dutchman,” they will bring you two beef patties with two slices of cheese—no bun and no other toppings.

Be Adventurous

Part of the fun of a secret menu is discovering new flavor combinations and customized creations. Don’t be afraid to experiment by combining different lingo and code phrases to craft your own signature burger or beverage. The staff at 7 Brew are experts at turning customers’ special requests into delicious reality. With a little courage and creativity, you can craft a completely customized meal from the secret menu.

By learning the code phrases, speaking in secret lingo, and customizing without limits, you can order from 7 Brew’s secret menu like a regular. Enjoy discovering the hidden gems not listed on the regular bill of fare. Your taste buds will thank you for the adventure.

7 Brew Secret Menu Items FAQ

What are the secret menu items offered at 7 Brew?

7 Brew currently offers several undisclosed menu items for adventurous customers. These unlisted options include the Triple Chocolate Mocha, S’mores Frappé, and Cotton Candy Crème Frappé. To order a secret menu item, simply describe the beverage to your barista. They are trained to prepare these specialty drinks upon request.

How do I know what secret menu items are available?

7 Brew does not publish or advertise their secret menu. The options tend to spread through word-of-mouth and social media. Some customers have compiled lists of suspected secret menu items based on accounts from other patrons. However, 7 Brew does not confirm or deny the existence of any unlisted options. The only way to know for sure what is offered is to place an order with your barista.

Why does 7 Brew have a secret menu?

Secret menus are popular among coffee shops and restaurants as a way to build interest and a sense of adventure. By offering speciality items that are not openly advertised, customers feel as though they have discovered something exclusive. For 7 Brew, the secret menu also allows them to experiment with new recipes and gather feedback before potentially adding items to their permanent menu.

Can I customize the secret menu items?

While the secret menu items have specific recipes, you are always welcome to request modifications or substitutions to suit your tastes. 7 Brew aims to craft beverages to each customer’s liking. However, extensive changes to the recipe may alter the original character of the drink. Your barista can advise you on the best approach to customizing a secret menu item.

In summary, 7 Brew’s secret menu offers exciting options for coffee aficionados looking to venture off the beaten path. Take a risk, try something new, and you may just find a hidden gem. But remember, you didn’t hear about it from 7 Brew! The first rule of the secret menu is: you do not talk about the secret menu.


You now have the inside scoop on some of the most craveworthy secret menu items at 7 Brew. From their protein-packed Breakfast Burrito to the decadent S’mores Frappe, you’ll feel like you have VIP access with these off-menu orders. Just remember that you didn’t hear it from us. Sharing these under-the-radar options with your fellow coffee lovers helps keep the secret menu, well, secret. So next time you visit your local 7 Brew, go ahead and order one of these tempting treats. But maybe keep it on the down low. The joy of discovering something exclusive is part of what makes these menu hacks so satisfying.

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