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Discovering 7 Brew Coffee in Downtown Brookfield

The downtown Brookfield area is home to many wonderful local coffee shops, but you may have walked right by one of the best and not even realized it. Located in a nondescript storefront on Main Street is 7 Brew Coffee Brookfield , a hidden gem serving up delicious artisan coffee and tasty breakfast pastries. With its cozy, welcoming atmosphere and friendly baristas, 7 Brew is the perfect spot to start your day. Once you step inside and get your first whiff of freshly roasted coffee beans and just-baked muffins, you’ll wonder how you missed this place. Make sure to stop in next time you’re downtown to discover why 7 Brew Coffee should be your new favorite morning go-to.

7 Brew Coffee

7 Brew Coffee in Downtown Brookfield

A Hidden Gem for Coffee Aficionados

Tucked away in a quiet corner of downtown Brookfield, Wisconsin lies a hidden gem for true coffee lovers. 7 Brew Coffee is an independent coffee shop that prides itself on ethically sourcing and meticulously crafting some of the finest coffee and espresso drinks around.

Commitment to Quality and Community

7 Brew Coffee demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to quality, from the carefully selected beans they import from around the world to the artisanal techniques they use to transform those beans into the perfect cup of coffee. They also show a deep commitment to community by frequently hosting events to bring people together and donate a portion of all sales to local charities.

An Oasis for Conversation and Connection

With comfortable seating, soothing music, and a warm ambiance, 7 Brew Coffee provides an ideal space for meaningful conversations, connecting with friends new and old, reading, studying or simply enjoying a quiet moment of solitude. They offer a variety of coffee and espresso-based beverages as well as light fare, though their true specialty is crafting an incomparable coffee experience in an oasis for connection in the heart of Brookfield.

For coffee devotees or those simply seeking an escape from the bustle of everyday life, 7 Brew Coffee is a hidden gem not to be missed. Stop in, grab a cup, pull up a chair, and stay awhile—you’ll be glad you did.

7 Brew Coffee

Our Favorite Drinks and Food at 7 Brew Coffee

Premium Coffee Selection

7 Brew Coffee offers a premium selection of drinks prepared with care and high quality ingredients. They source organic, fair trade coffee beans from around the world to produce a variety of roasts. We highly recommend the medium-dark Sumatra roast with notes of dried fruit and cocoa or the bright, citrusy light roast Costa Rican. Both are available as drip coffee, espresso, cortados or lattes.

Fresh Baked Goods

To complement your coffee, 7 Brew Coffee bakes goods in-house each morning using natural, organic ingredients. Some of our favorites include the vegan banana nut bread, blueberry muffins bursting with fresh fruit, and the lemon poppyseed loaf cake. They also offer a range of breakfast sandwiches on croissants or bagels along with yogurt parfaits and fruit salads for those looking for lighter fare.

A Peaceful Escape

With its exposed brick walls, large windows and minimal decor, 7 Brew Coffee provides a peaceful escape from the bustle outside. Unwind on one of the plush armchairs or couches and enjoy a book from their community library. When the weather is nice, sit at an outdoor table shaded by trees in the adjacent garden space. The relaxing ambiance at 7 Brew Coffee pairs perfectly with their premium drinks and food.

Overall, 7 Brew Coffee is a hidden gem in downtown Brookfield for high-quality coffee, homemade food and a tranquil atmosphere. We highly recommend paying them a visit for your new favorite spot.

7 Brew Coffee: The Perfect Spot for Meeting Friends or Getting Work Done

A Welcoming Atmosphere

7 Brew Coffee provides an inviting space to enjoy a cup of coffee, meet up with friends, or get some work done. The rustic yet stylish interior featuring wood accents and leather seating evokes a sense of warmth and comfort. Whether you choose to sit at one of the communal tables, cozy armchairs, or bar seating along the windows, you’ll feel right at home.

Quality Ingredients and Skilled Baristas

7 Brew Coffee sources high-quality, ethically traded coffee beans which are then expertly brewed and prepared by knowledgeable baristas. In addition to premium drip coffee and espresso drinks, they also offer unique signature creations like the Maple Bacon Latte or Cardamom Rose Cold Brew. For those wanting a bite to eat, fresh pastries, sandwiches, and salads are available with many gluten-free, vegan and paleo options.

A Welcoming Space for All

7 Brew Coffee cultivates an inclusive environment where people from all walks of life feel respected and valued. The staff provide exceptional customer service, remembering your name and usual order, regardless of who you are. The venue is also fully accessible with ample space between tables for those with mobility aids. Whether you’re a freelancer, student, or stay-at-home parent, 7 Brew Coffee welcomes you.

Overall, 7 Brew Coffee is the ideal spot for a casual meeting, getting out of your home office for a few hours, or simply enjoying a peaceful moment of solitude over a perfect cup of coffee. With its inviting atmosphere, high quality ingredients, and inclusive ethos, 7 Brew Coffee has something to offer everyone in the community.


As we have seen, 7 Brew Coffee offers a cozy, inviting atmosphere right in the heart of downtown Brookfield. With its exposed brick walls, reclaimed wood accents, and hanging Edison bulbs, you feel as though you have stepped back in time upon entering its doors. Their dedication to locally-roasted premium coffee beans shines through in every expertly crafted pour-over, espresso, and cold brew. So next time you find yourself craving an exceptional cup of coffee in a charming cafe, head to 7 Brew Coffee. Its warm ambiance and top-notch drinks make it a can’t-miss spot.

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