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Celebrating 7 Brew National Coffee Day

As we approach 7 brew National Coffee Day on September 29th, it’s time to start planning how to properly celebrate one of America’s favorite beverages. With over 60% of Americans drinking coffee every day, this unofficial holiday is the perfect opportunity to try out new coffee shops in your area or experiment with different brewing methods. Whether you prefer a dark French roast or a lighter breakfast blend, there are countless ways for coffee lovers to commemorate this day. In this article, we’ll provide tips on hosting a coffee tasting party with friends, review some of the top coffee shops to visit in major cities, and recommend the best coffee makers and accessories for brewing coffee at home. Get ready to fully embrace your inner coffee fanatic!

The History of 7 Brew National Coffee Day

The Origins

7 Brew National Coffee Day started in 2015 to celebrate one of the world’s most popular beverages. On September 29th each year, coffee lovers come together to appreciate the cherished brew. The day honors the coffee farmers and workers around the globe who help produce this ubiquitous drink.

A Growing Tradition

Over the past five years, 7 Brew National Coffee Day has become an important date for coffee brands, cafes, and retailers. Many offer free coffee, buy-one-get-one deals, and special promotions to mark the occasion. Social media lights up with people sharing photos of their favorite coffees.

The Global Reach of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most widely traded agricultural commodities, cultivated in over 70 countries across Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Brazil is the top producer of coffee beans, followed by Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. These beans journey across the world to coffee drinkers everywhere. 7 Brew National Coffee Day celebrates this global network and cultural tradition.

A Boost to Productivity

For many, a cup of coffee is an essential part of the daily routine. The caffeine in coffee acts as a mild stimulant to the central nervous system, helping people feel more alert and focused. A study shows that coffee can improve reaction times, vigilance, and logical reasoning. So 7 Brew National Coffee Day also honors coffee’s role in fueling productivity and success worldwide.

A Simple Pleasure

Ultimately, 7 Brew National Coffee Day is a chance to appreciate the simple joy of a good cup of coffee. Whether you prefer a plain black coffee, a frothy cappuccino, or a sweet mocha, coffee brightens the day and brings people together. So raise your mugs on September 29th to celebrate this beloved beverage!

How to Celebrate 7 Brew National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for the beverage that fuels productivity and powers many meaningful conversations. On September 29th, visit your local coffee shop to take advantage of promotions and freebies while supporting small businesses in your community.

Visit Your Local Coffee Shop

Pay a visit to your neighborhood coffee shop to take advantage of special offers like free coffee, discounts on beans or merchandise, and tasty treats. While there, strike up a conversation with the barista and thank them for the essential service they provide. Let them know you appreciate them and the community space they help create.

Try a New Brewing Method

Expand your coffee horizons by experimenting with a new brewing method. If you typically drink drip coffee, try a pour-over, French press, or cold brew. Each method produces a different flavor profile from the same beans. You may discover a new favorite that gives you an appreciation for the nuances of coffee.

Share With a Friend

On National Coffee Day, share a cup of coffee with a friend or coworker. Meeting over coffee is a simple way to strengthen relationships and foster new connections. As you sip and chat, reflect on the role coffee plays in bringing people together and creating spaces for sharing ideas or offering support.

Donate to Charity

Many coffee companies and cafés donate a portion of National Coffee Day proceeds to charities and nonprofit organizations. If your favorite spot is participating, your coffee purchase can support important causes like providing clean water, education, healthcare, and economic opportunity to those in need. Every cup makes a difference.

By visiting local coffee shops, trying new brewing methods, sharing coffee with others, and donating to charity, you can fully celebrate 7 Brew National Coffee Day and all the joy and purpose a cup of coffee provides.

7 Brew National Coffee Day Deals and Freebies

Coffee Subscription Discounts

Several popular coffee subscription services are offering promotions in honor of National Coffee Day. Blue Bottle Coffee is providing $5 off any subscription plan using the code “COFFEEDAY21”. Trade Coffee will give you a free bag of coffee beans when you sign up for any subscription plan. And Atlas Coffee Club is giving 15% off your first coffee subscription shipment. If you’ve been thinking of trying a coffee subscription, now is the time.

Free Coffee and Bakery Items

Some of your favorite coffee shops and bakeries are giving out free coffee, donuts, and other treats on September 29th. At Dunkin’, get a free medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase. Krispy Kreme is offering a free donut and small coffee. And at Tim Hortons, you’ll receive a free donut with the purchase of any sized coffee. Take advantage of these deals to get your morning pick-me-up for free.

Discounts on Coffee and Espresso Machines

Retailers like Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond are lowering prices on popular coffee and espresso makers for National Coffee Day. You’ll find Keurig machines for up to 25% off at Walmart and $50 off select Ninja and Breville models at Target. Bed Bath & Beyond is taking up to $100 off some of their best-selling espresso machines. If you’re ready to up your at-home brewing game, shop these deals to save big on your next coffee maker.

In summary, National Coffee Day brings many opportunities to get your caffeine fix for less. Between the subscription offers, free coffee and donuts, and deals on brewing equipment, you’ll have plenty of ways to celebrate this quintessential coffee-loving day. So pour yourself an extra cup, savor the flavor, and enjoy all the perks of being a coffee drinker.


As you can see, National Coffee Day on September 29th is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and appreciate everything coffee has to offer. From its rich history to its variety of brewing methods, coffee is a beloved beverage worldwide. This holiday is a chance to learn more about coffee’s origins, support local coffee shops and roasters, and sample different roasts and blends. The celebrations span from enjoying free coffee giveaways to attending special events at cafes. With so many ways to join in the festivities, make sure to take time on National Coffee Day to honor the cherished drink that helps fuel each day.

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