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Exploring the Kona Brewing Company Menu

When visiting the Kona Brewing Company menu , you’ll find a menu filled with enticing options ranging from their signature brews to island-inspired dishes. With multiple locations across Hawaii, this popular restaurant offers a taste of the islands through its extensive food and drink offerings. As you peruse the selections, you’ll notice creative names and flavor profiles that provide a window into Hawaii’s culture. Considering the difficult choice between macadamia nut chicken, sweet potato fries, and a pint of Longboard Lager, you’ll want to come with an appetite to fully experience the breadth of their menu. With an array of flavors to suit any palate, a visit to Kona Brewing Company promises to be a delicious exploration of craft beer and island cuisine.

Kona Brewing Company Menu

Kona Brewing Company

Craft Beer Selection

Kona Brewing Company is known for its selection of craft beers made from the finest ingredients. Their year-round offerings include the Longboard Island Lager, Big Wave Golden Ale, and Fire Rock Pale Ale. Seasonal and limited release selections are also frequently available, such as the Pipeline Porter and Wailua Wheat. With its innovative, award-winning beers and laid-back Hawaiian vibe, Kona Brewing Company has become one of the most popular craft breweries in the world.

Food Menu Inspired by the Islands

In addition to its distinctive craft beers, Kona Brewing Company offers a menu of island-inspired food items to perfectly pair with your pint. Options include fresh salads, burgers, sandwiches, and pizza with tropical twists like the Luau Burger, Huli Huli Chicken Sandwich and Pineapple Express Pizza. For smaller bites, choose from items like Sweet Potato Fries, Hummus and Fresh-Cut Veggies or Chicken Long Rice. Whether enjoying a full meal or just a snack with your beer, Kona Brewing Company aims to transport you to the Hawaiian islands with every bite.

Relaxed, Friendly Atmosphere

With its surfboard tables, palm tree motif and gentle Hawaiian music, Kona Brewing Company cultivates a laid-back island vibe in all of its locations. The friendly staff, known as “Cousins”, aim to make every guest feel like part of the ohana or family. It’s the perfect place to unwind, share good times with friends and family, and embrace the aloha spirit. No matter which location you choose, you’ll instantly feel transported to the beautiful Hawaiian islands.

Kona Brewing Company Menu

Highlights From the Kona Brewing Company Menu

Craft Beers

The Kona Brewing Company is best known for its craft beers, including the Longboard Island Lager, Big Wave Golden Ale, and Pipeline Porter. The Longboard Island Lager is a smooth, refreshing lager with hints of passionfruit and citrus. The Big Wave Golden Ale is a lighter bodied ale with tropical aromas and flavors of pineapple and citrus. For those who prefer darker beers, the Pipeline Porter is a robust porter with coffee and chocolate notes.

Fresh Food With Aloha Spirit

In addition to their popular beers, the Kona Brewing Company offers a menu of fresh food made with locally sourced ingredients and imbued with the Hawaiian spirit of aloha. Some highlights include the Mahi Mahi fish tacos, served in fresh tortillas with mango salsa and sliced avocado. The Hawaiian Style Pork Sliders feature kalua pork, grilled pineapple, and a sweet chili glaze. For heartier fare, the Island Style Beef Stew is made with tomato, potatoes, carrots and Kona Brewing Company’s Fire Rock Pale Ale.

Whether you’re looking to sample craft beers or enjoy a casual meal, the Kona Brewing Company aims to transport guests to the laid-back and welcoming spirit of the Hawaiian islands. With locations throughout Hawaii and several stateside, there are many opportunities to experience a taste of paradise.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Kona Brewing Company Menu

What are the menu options at Kona Brewing Company?

The Kona Brewing Company menu features classic pub fare with an island twist, including sandwiches, salads, pizza, and fish tacos. They also offer Hawaiian-inspired dishes like Kalua Pork Nachos, Huli Huli Chicken, and Pineapple Macadamia Nut Mahi. Gluten-free and vegetarian options are available.

What types of beer do they have on tap?

Kona Brewing Company is known for their craft beers, especially their Longboard Island Lager and Fire Rock Pale Ale. They have over a dozen beers on tap, including IPAs, stouts, and seasonal brews. They also offer beer flights so you can sample several different beers.

Is there outdoor seating?

Many Kona Brewing Company locations feature spacious patios and lanais with outdoor seating. It’s a great place to enjoy the nice weather, scenic views, and a cold beer. Some locations even have live music on the patio. The outdoor seating areas are very popular, especially around sunset, so go early if you want to snag a table outside.

Do they offer tours of the brewery?

Some Kona Brewing Company locations conduct free brewery tours where you can learn about their brewing process and sample their beers. Tour availability varies by location, so check with your local Kona Brewing Company to see if they offer tours and when they run. It’s a great experience for any craft beer enthusiast.

In summary, the Kona Brewing Company menu has something for everyone in a casual, tropical setting. With craft beers, island-inspired food, and scenic patios, it’s easy to see why Kona Brewing Company has become a popular spot. Check with your local restaurant for their current menu, tap list, and any tours or events they may be hosting.


You’ve now explored the full menu at Kona Brewing Company. From their appetizers and starters to entrees, salads, sandwiches, and desserts, they offer a wide variety of Hawaiian-inspired dishes and locally-sourced ingredients. Their extensive beer list showcases unique island brews you won’t find anywhere else. With so many delicious options to choose from, you’re sure to find new favorites to pair with their specialty craft beers. Whether you’re in the mood for classic pub fare or want to try Hawaiian regional cuisine, Kona Brewing Company’s menu has something to satisfy everyone. Finish your meal with a cold Kona brew and breathtaking views for an authentic Hawaiian dining experience.

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