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The Seven Brew Menu An In-Depth Look at a Creative Cafe’s Offerings

As a coffee and tea lover, you find yourself drawn to creative cafes with extensive drink menus. One such establishment catching your eye is The Seven Brew, a cafe renowned for its selection of seven specialty brews. In this article, you will receive an in-depth look at the stories behind each of The Seven Brew menu items. From cold brew to pour over to their famous house chai, you will learn about the inspirations, ingredients, and techniques that make these drinks unique. With a mix of caffeinated and caffeinated options, The Seven Brew has a brew for every taste. Let this article be your guide to fully appreciating the care and craftsmanship that goes into each of their distinctive beverages.

Seven Brew Café

 seven brew  prides itself on high-quality, artisanal beverages and a relaxing atmosphere. Premium Ingredients.

Seven Brew uses only the finest ingredients sourced from local suppliers whenever possible. The café features single-origin coffees, organic teas, and homemade syrups without artificial flavors or preservatives. Skilled Baristas

The baristas at Seven Brew are highly trained and passionate about their craft. They can prepare classic espresso drinks as well as unique signature beverages. The staff provides friendly, attentive service and can recommend drinks based on your tastes.

Cozy, Welcoming Space

The café has an intimate, cozy ambiance with natural wood accents and greenery. There are plush armchairs and couches for leisurely enjoying your drink, as well as bar seating and high-top tables. Free Wi-Fi and ample electrical outlets allow you to get work done or simply unwind. ###Popular Items

Some of the most beloved menu items at Seven Brew are the vanilla latte, chai tea latte, and cold brew coffee which are available hot or iced. The café is also known for signature drinks like the honey lavender latte and matcha green tea lemonade. For those with a sweet tooth, the carrot cake and chocolate chip cookies are homemade and baked fresh daily.

Whether you need a morning pick-me-up, an afternoon snack, or a place to enjoy good conversation, Seven Brew Café has something for everyone. With a laid-back vibe, quality beverages, and exceptional service, it’s no wonder this neighborhood gem has become such a popular local hangout.

Seven Brew’s Innovative Coffee and Tea Menu

Seven Brew prides itself on its creative and ever-changing coffee and tea menu. ### Coffee Options. They offer traditional espresso-based drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites, as well as pour-over coffees made to order. Their signature blend combines beans from Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Indonesia for a smooth yet vibrant flavor profile with notes of citrus and cocoa. For those seeking an unconventional coffee experience, Seven Brew also prepares coffees on cold brew taps and offers coffee cocktails made with coffee liqueurs, spices, and artisanal spirits.

Inventive Tea Selection. Seven Brew maintains an extensive tea menu with over 50 types of loose-leaf teas from around the world. In addition to classic black, green and herbal teas, they offer unique teas like masala chai, genmaicha, and butterfly pea flower. The teas are prepared with care using temperature-specific water and high-quality teaware. For an elevated tea experience, customers can order a tea flight to sample several teas or tea lattes and tea cocktails made with tea-infused liquors.

With its innovative coffee and tea options, creative cocktails, and welcoming ambiance, Seven Brew provides customers with a one-of-a-kind café experience. By continually updating and improving their drink menus using high-quality, ethically-sourced ingredients, Seven Brew gives patrons a reason to return again and again.

Food Offerings: Fresh Salads, Sandwiches and More

The cafe’s menu includes a variety of nutritious food options for any time of day. For a light lunch, choose from a selection of fresh salads with ingredients sourced from local farms. The Quinoa Salad with kale, carrots, and a lemon vinaigrette is a flavorful choice. For heartier fare, gourmet sandwiches are available on artisanal breads. The Turkey Cranberry Sandwich with brie and arugula is a popular pick.

Savory Crepes and Galettes

For breakfast or brunch, the cafe offers a range of sweet and savory crepes and galettes, which are buckwheat crepes from Brittany. The Ham and Cheese Galette with eggs contains Black Forest ham, Gruyere cheese, and eggs cooked to your liking. The Nutella Crepe with bananas and whipped cream provides a sweet start to your day.

Artisanal Pastries

To accompany your beverage, choose from croissants, scones, muffins, and other artisanal pastries baked fresh each morning. Gluten-free and vegan options are available. For special occasions, custom cakes can be ordered in advance.

Coffee and Espresso Drinks

A variety of coffee and espresso drinks are prepared by skilled baristas using beans from independent roasters. In addition to standards like brewed coffee, lattes, and cappuccinos, specialty drinks include the Honey Cinnamon Latte flavored with honey and cinnamon and the Maple Pecan Latte with maple syrup and pecan flavoring. For those avoiding dairy, almond, coconut, and oat milk alternatives are on offer.

With fresh, high-quality ingredients and a cozy, welcoming space, the cafe provides an ideal spot for a casual brunch, lunch, or pick-me-up. The creative, handcrafted menu has something for everyone at any time of day.

Beverages Beyond Coffee: Craft Beer, Wine, and Cocktails

In addition to its expansive coffee menu, The Seven Brew offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to satisfy any taste. The cafe’s beverage program focuses on high-quality, craft options from local producers.

Craft Beer

The Seven Brew features six taps dedicated to craft beer, with selections rotating regularly to highlight the best from local and regional breweries. Options may include India Pale Ales (IPAs), stouts, sours and saisons. Brews are available individually or as part of a flight so guests can sample multiple options.

Boutique Wine List

For guests interested in wine, The Seven Brew offers a concise list of boutique wines, many from sustainable and organic producers. Red and white wines from around the world are available by the glass or bottle. The list focuses on lesser-known varieties and up-and-coming regions to provide guests a unique experience.

Handcrafted Cocktails

An innovative cocktail menu rounds out the options at The Seven Brew. The bar staff creates craft cocktails using premium spirits, fresh juices, artisanal bitters and house-made syrups. Classics like the Negroni and Manhattan are featured alongside original creations inspired by the cafe’s coffee and roast profiles. For non-alcoholic choices, house-made sodas, teas and juices are available.

With a range of high-quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages beyond its namesake brews, The Seven Brew provides the perfect accompaniment for any mood or meal. Guests can enjoy a full experience at the cafe and linger for hours while sampling the ever-changing menu.

Seven Brew Menu Highlights and Recommendations

Artisanal Coffee

Seven Brew takes great pride in sourcing and roasting the highest quality coffee beans from around the world. Their rotating selection of single origin coffees are meticulously crafted to highlight the unique flavors inherent to each region and harvest. Whether you prefer a bright, fruity African coffee or a full-bodied blend from Central America, their baristas will guide you to a cup perfectly suited to your tastes.

Housemade Pastries

To complement their excellent coffee, Seven Brew offers a variety of homemade pastries, cakes and other treats baked fresh daily onsite. Their almond croissants and cheese Danishes are flaky perfection. For those looking to indulge, the salted caramel brownies and lemon tarts are decadent choices. With gluten-free and vegan options always available, there are sweet and savory choices to please every palate.

Avant-Garde Tea Selection

While coffee may be the main draw, Seven Brew also boasts an impressive collection of fine loose leaf teas. Black, oolong, herbal and green tea varieties are sourced directly from small farms where quality is prized over quantity. Their masterfully blended teas yield multiple steepings of complex flavors. The Osmanthus Oolong is a personal favorite with prominent notes of apricot and orchid.

Curated Ambiance

The atmosphere at Seven Brew is as carefully crafted as their menu. Natural light, modern decor and ample seating combine to create a space suited for both lounging leisurely or conducting casual business meetings. Free Wi-Fi, lots of outlets and a relaxing soundtrack make it easy to while away the hours reading, working or chatting with friends. Overall, Seven Brew provides an elevated yet unpretentious cafe experience with something to please all your senses.


How do I order a custom coffee brew?

The Seven Brew Cafe offers the option to create your own custom coffee brew. To start, speak with one of our baristas about the specific coffee beans and roasts that interest you. They can provide recommendations based on your tastes and preferences. Once you have selected the beans, choose between methods like pour-over, French press, or cold brew. The barista will then grind the beans to your desired coarseness and brew your custom coffee creation. Please allow up to 10 minutes for your custom brew to be prepared.

What is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino?

A latte and a cappuccino are two popular espresso-based drinks. The main differences are in the amounts of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed or frothed milk. A latte typically contains one or two shots of espresso and is made up primarily of steamed milk with a thin layer of frothed milk on top. A cappuccino contains the same amount of espresso but has equal parts steamed milk and frothed, frothy milk, giving it a thicker layer of foamed milk. Cappuccinos also often have chocolate or cinnamon sprinkled on top. In summary, lattes contain more steamed milk while cappuccinos contain more frothed milk.

Do you offer any vegan or gluten-free options?

Yes, we offer several vegan and gluten-free options at the Seven Brew Cafe. Our vegan selections include pour-over coffee, cold brew coffee, and espresso drinks made with non-dairy milk alternatives like oat milk, almond milk or coconut milk. We also have a variety of gluten-free and vegan pastries. Please let your barista know if you have any special dietary needs or requests. We are happy to accommodate whenever possible.

As we’ve explored, The Seven Brew Menu showcases an inventive array of coffee and tea options. By using unique ingredients and preparation methods, they’ve crafted a selection that stimulates the senses and sparks curiosity. With offerings ranging from the bold Midnight Mex Mocha to the soothing Lavender London Fog, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

The Seven Brew’s willingness to experiment with new flavors and combinations makes this cafe a destination for coffee and tea aficionados. So next time you’re looking for an inspired drinking experience, consider stopping by The Seven Brew to sample their distinctive creations for yourself. You just might discover a new favorite brew.

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